Bitter Sweet tale of two Kittens

  1. oneworld2
    It's been a stressful weekend

    On Friday morning a co worker where I work alerted me to two tiny kittens that had be born outside and nearly dumped into a huge waste bin. The story was a feral cat had given birth to 5 kittens and that they had been saved from being thrown into a skip by the sharp eyes of a FLT driver and been placed in a card bard box , in a wooden crate , along with some bedding in the form of t shirts. When I arrived it seemed the mother had moved 3 of the kittens to God knows were and left the remaining 2 in the box , maybe to come back later.

    Being on nights I went home and decided to keep my eye on them whilst in work as best I could. The next night was cold and I worried as I checked. All the advice I got from the web rescue sites told to keep an eye out but NOT to remove in case mum was around , there best chance of survival being with her seeing as they were probably less than a week old ( eyes still shut ). I agonized about what to do and then made the call , having found them to be very cold , to bring them in and revive them. I decided to take them home with me and then see if I could find a shelter to take them.

    Just before I was set to go home the security guys rang me to tell me the mother had been seen around the box and maybe I should put them back. **** !!! It's cold but their mum is at least around but might have two lots of kittens at different locations. ****!! I decided to put them back in the box and asked the security to care for them when I went home. They agreed.

    Next day , after a sleepless worry some night , I rang them to find out their status, The very small one , very much a runt , had passed away overnight and the other one was barely alive . They were in the security lodge.
    I frantically rang around the local centres only to be pretty much fobbed off. **** !!!!

    A last resort I rang the final centre and was privileged to meet a true animal lover who was willing toi take them in if I could deliver them there. Joy of joys !!! But was the ordeal too much and would the tiny kitten live regardless of what happened from now on. Agony !!

    The place had a mum of kittens that were 5 weeks old. The tiny kitten was toileted and fed on arrival and put in the cage with the mum and 3 five week old kittens to see if it could be accepted. The only chance it had imho A loooong day ensued yesterday as I wondered and worried about its fate. I honestly felt that I had made poor decisions regardless of a genuine wish to help and not hinder their chances and ultimately would cost both kittens their lives. A heavy load to carry and no mistake

    I rang today and was greeted with the best news possible. The mum had accepted the kitten and was allowing it to feed off her . Not only that the kitten was being licked by her in a truly loving fashion . Wow , I am overjoyed !!!

    I still feel like this kitten is very much not out of the woods here but having visited it today and seen for myself the lovely situation it has found itself in having had such a wretched start it gives me hope. It's been an emotional roller coaster and it has wrecked me the truth be told. Tired from working nights and emotionally drained by the whole sorry situation I'm really shattered today but hopeful for the little kitten for the first time . If I am honest with myself I would say the one that passed away was almost certain to have passed away being way too small and weak but I just don't know for sure if different decisions might have saved its life. Will it change anything if I continue to torment myself over things ? No. Does that make me feel better. No. Time will heal I'm sure

    I hope the little fella survives and will post a few updates come what may
  2. oneworld2
    I found out today that his adoptive mother and kittens are due for rehoming this coming weekend which has thrown me into something of a spin. Great for them and I am glad for them too but what then ? The rescue has another mum to be due in a week or so which might be an option/alternative to bottle feeding. It's all very worrying tbh he's still tiny , eyes not even open !!
  3. oneworld2
    Eyes are open and after a shaky week the little thing is starting to look and feed a little better. I still feel the bad start might still come back to haunt him but the more time goes by the more optimistic I am allowing myself to get. Going to see him again tomorrow all being well , can't wait , love the little thing
  4. oneworld2
    The kitten was put in with a mother that already had 3 5week old kittens at the time, which are a little over 6 weeks now. All have been rehomed to the same home. The people that have taken them initially signed up to the mother and three older kittens, this being prior to the arrival of the abandoned kitten I had added to the mix. They have also taken the abandoned one underr a fostering agreement , whilst the rearing is still pretty intense ( constant feeding and toileting ) with a view to adopting him properly when he is out of the woods. I am , hopefully if arrangements go as planned , going to visit him tomorrow to see how he and the people have all been getting on. Still worried about him but will be able to let go when I know he is stronger andf able to do stuff for himself , toilet , temperature, feed etc. I fear ,should he survive , he might have been the only one out of five that did

    Good news is if he does make it through the next couple of weeks and beyond he will have been saved on two counts. Once from imminent death and the other as living the tough life of a feral cat
  5. oneworld2
    The kitten is doing well in his new home around 3 weeks after being abandoned but an amazing turnabout has happened wrt the fate of his siblings

    I have spent the last 3 weeks scouring the workplace for the missing kittens to no avail. The mother was seen a week ago in the place I work and so I decided to put some food out for her to

    A Get her some much needed nourishment

    B Get her used to a local area so later on she might be captured and neutered

    I went to feed her tonight and the security guards told me she had been seen visiting some reels of banding tape not far from where I am feeding her, so I decided to put the food out and check the reels.............. wow , I am overjoyed. There are kittens in the middle and they look in very good shape, although the mum got a start and ran for cover ( didn't think she was there and wanted to see how many ) . Hopefully she will leave them where they are which is relatively safe all things considered. I am in talks with a couple of cat rescue experts/practitioners and am waiting on their advice as to the best way forward.

    I can't tell you how pleased I am to know that the kittens I feared had passed away some weeks ago are still alive and looking well. Tricky situations ahead what with considerations first and foremost for the cat and kittens and then dealing with work itself and their considerations. All that can wait for tonight , I am just ecstatic they have survived thus far.

    will continue with this as it develops
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