The Ferdinand Flop

  1. X Factor
    X Factor
    I'd read somewhere that the animated movie Ferdinand is not doing as well as expected and without doing the least bit of reserch, I wonder if it has to do with it the fact that it's sorta about bullfighting. I won't watch it for that reason. Now I don't watch many animated movies anyway but mostly that's because I just don't think about kids movies unless I'm going with friends, but, in the case of Ferdinand, I've made the actually decision to not watch a movie that treats bullfighting like it's cute or funny (a personal boycott if you will). Is this just me?
  2. Jack Fabulous
    Jack Fabulous
    I took my daughter to the movie and she loved it. I thought it was ok but nothing special.

    It doesn't treat bullfighting like it is funny or cute, though. In the end it actually kind of exposes it for how bad it is but in a way that is "kid friendly".
  3. X Factor
    X Factor
    I have heard good things about it.
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