What should I do?

  1. X Factor
    X Factor
    For a few weeks now I've been watching a hummingbird build her nest in one of my trees, then take care of two baby hummers. It's a relatively low branch but it's still taller than me so mostly all I can see are two little beaks sticking up and an occasional head or wing. Mom hummer has been very attentive to her little babies until today. I saw her once this morning but that's the last time and by this time of night she's usually sitting in her nest but I checked just now and she's nowhere to be seen. The very last thing I want to do is disturb the nest but neither do I want to just let them die, especially since I know a really top notch wildlife rehabilitator. Should I be thinking of trying to save them or just not worry about it and let nature decide this?
  2. X Factor
    X Factor
    Saw momma bird feeding her babies this morning. It's nutty how actually relieved I am.
  3. X Factor
    X Factor
    Momma hummingbirds are really amazing. I know that, in other birds nests, it's sadly not uncommon for one of the babies to get the bulk of the food while others starve. Momma hummingbird seems to be really good at making sure they're both fed. Both are getting big (for baby hummingbirds) and really active, stretching their necks and wings. Really hope both of them are able to safely fly away.

    Incidentally, my friend's 4 year old calls them honey birds.
  4. Black Dog
    Black Dog
    I too love Hummingbirds, anyone who does not is my enemy! I am glad they are doing well.
  5. X Factor
    X Factor
    We're just a couple saps underneath it all, BD.
  6. Black Dog
    Black Dog
    You can say that again, lol.
  7. Trippy Trekker
    Trippy Trekker
    God Bless Hummingbirds! I don't see them often. I have never met a hummingbird I didn't like!

  8. DiAnna
    Welcome to the group, Trippy.
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