1. X Factor
    X Factor
    Everyone who knows anything about me knows that I am a dog person but I admit, this video made me lol a couple times. I think it's a good example of what animals can do for us in terms of brightening our day.

    (I didn't embed it because the last thread that had a lot of embedded videos kept making my iPad reload the page.)
  2. nota bene
    nota bene
    Meet Nora, whose owner is a piano teacher. She's watched and learned:

    Here's one of a doggie playing the piano and singing the blues:
  3. rocket88
    I'm a cat person. I like anything with kitties.
  4. nitroexpress
    I grew up with mostly dogs and some cats. At the present time, circumstances are such that it's me and my rescue Furball. She's a comfort and now resides quite comfortably as an indoor cat. The rescue people guessed her age as 3 years and now she is 12 years young. Basically healthy, with a weight problem, somehow and someway she developed a digestive sensitivity that only recently was resolved. Because of her eating restrictions, I believe she is the world's most picky eater. But more later.
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