1. X Factor
    X Factor
    Do they help or hurt? There was a time I somewhat supported them. I sure believe in treating animals ethically after all and I can forgive a little crazyness if the heart's in the right place. I'm sure I come off as a nut when it comes to animals to some. But is their heart in the right place any more? In my city, my city shelter is working to be a no kill shelter. It's far from there but it has cut down euthanasias more than 70% (which I'm quite impressed by, our animal control used to have a fairly earned bad reputation, euthanizing animals after only 3 days). On the other hand, PETA seems to be going in the opposite direction, supporting euthanasia over shelters and even adoption. Is that ethical?
  2. Black Dog
    Black Dog
    PETA, has gone vegan insane. With their 90% kill rate and insistence that our pets are suffering immeasurably and should be neutered into non-existence, they have earned all the bad press they get.

    I hope one day they will see that 2 wrongs do not make a right.
  3. ecofarm
    I hated PETA when they used shock images to push their agenda (slaughtered animals, suffering animals, etc). In recent years, they've largely stopped that and gone to naked chicks in fur. That's an improvement in my book. I'm still not one for sensationalism thus, despite being vegan ~20 years (let's note the suffering of food animals, meat and milk), I'm not interested in joining PETA.

    I hadn't heard about them trying to euthanize pets out of existence. Citation, anyone?
  4. tres borrachos
    tres borrachos
    They are sensationalists. They go way too overboard. They are really radical. But do they help animals? There's no question that they do. Like them or hate them, they raise awareness and they raise money.

    There is a lot of incorrect assumptions about them, and a lot of propaganda that is used unfairly against them. They don't enjoy euthanizing animals, they don't have a high kill rate (they don't even have shelters). They take responsibility for completely unadoptable dogs. Sure, they martyr them - but in the long run, that actually helps the causes.
  5. X Factor
    X Factor
    Eco, welcome. I think that 90% kill rate is specific to one shelter in Virginia. Not sure how you feel about the Huffington Post as a source, generally I don't care for it (so I am far a shill for them) but, of all the articles I found on it and there are quite a few, it seemed the most complete and pretty well sourced.

    PETA Euthanized A Lot Of Animals At Its Shelter In 2014, And No-Kill Advocates Are Not Happy About It | The Huffington Post
  6. ecofarm
    I'm no fan of Puffington, but given their lean it's unlikely they go after PETA unfairly. Good article, lots of info.

    It’s a statement that’s in line with a blog post by PETA president Ingrid Newkirk called “Why We Euthanize,” in which she states:

    It’s easy to point the finger at those who are forced to do the “dirty work” caused by a throwaway society’s casual acquisition and breeding of dogs and cats who end up homeless and unwanted, but at PETA, we will never turn our backs on neglected, unloved, and homeless animals — even if the best we can offer them is a painless release from a world that doesn’t have enough heart or homes with room for them.
  7. X Factor
    X Factor
    I spent a little time looking at the actual PETA website. It's interesting to note they seem to stringently opposed no kill shelters. They justify that by saying that no kill shelters don't take in sick and injured animal as they do. In my experience, that is not the case at all. I have had experience with two no kill shelter groups where I live and both absolutely have taken in and cared for special needs animals. That's anecdotal, I know, but my point is that PETA, while often, as Tres points out, gets characterized unfairly, makes some blanket statements about no kill shelters that are also unfair and untrue. Also, while it is true that a shelter that doesn't turn away any animal will need to result to euthanasia in some cases, I really don't think those rates have to be so high. Our city shelter doesn't turn away any animal either and their kill rates have bee significantly reduced.
  8. chromium
    They kind of epitomize special interest group, in that their delivery turns away many. I mean X, they would hate that you have pets, assuming you keep them on a leash ever. They hate that indoor pets are even born, no matter how lovingly they're treated. Animals must live in the wild i believe is their position. I just never see them celebrating the humans who *choose* to care for another species that's also much smaller, and the joy that these animals bring to humans. Thank the volunteers at animal shelters? Anything would be more than i've seen

    To me their endless bitching is like failing to acknowledge the role that (some) white people played in black civil rights, or heterosexuals in gay rights, and so on. It's like they leave out the P in PETA
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