Pit Bull Prejudice

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  1. X Factor
    X Factor
    We see it here, don't we? I highly recommend this documentary.

    The Champions

    It's about Michael Vick's dogs and how even animal rescuers believed former fighting pit bulls were too dangerous to ever be adopted until these dogs showed otherwise.
  2. Serenity
    Thanks for posting this X.
  3. X Factor
    X Factor
    My pleasure Serenity. I know it can be difficult watching animal rescue stories since the beginning is almost always sad but that doc is 99% happy, mainly just introducing you to those amazing dogs and showing how happy their lives are now. I'm a sucker for those types of stories.
  4. DiAnna
    Large, powerful dogs in general all have the capacity to become overly aggressive and/or dangerous, if owners are ignorant of canine society, and how dogs think. When I see a vicious, frightening, or overly aggressive dog that was raised from a puppy by a single owner, I blame the owner, not the dog.

    Taking on the task of owning and training a larger breed is a big responsibility, but an assertive, confident, knowledgeable owner will end up with a devoted companion and friend for life. I've seen many gentle, obedient, loving pit bulls (that is a bit of a misnomer, because so many large terrier breeds are lumped into the term, including the bull terrier, a small short-haired breed with a head shaped kinda like a small lamb, lol.) who have been wonderful family pets.
  5. tres borrachos
    tres borrachos
    I've seen that documentary many times. It's both heartbreaking and inspiring.

    I posted in an upstairs thread yesterday about the Vick dogs. Most of them were rehabilitated. I even met many of them when we made a family pilgrimage to Best Friends in Utah. They were beautiful animals who were innocent when they fell into the hands of monsters.
  6. X Factor
    X Factor
    I'd love to see Best Friends and Dog Town, Tres.
  7. Black Dog
    Black Dog
    Something most of us already knew.

    Study Says Human Behavior -- Not Dog Breed -- Predicts Canine Aggression - https://www.thedodo.com/study-says-h...=RebelMouse_fb
  8. holbritter
    I love Pitties! I wasn't always that way. Many years ago I was visiting my sister. Her yard was fenced on one side with a wooden fence that was actually the neighbors, who had a pit. I had a 8 month old Dobie with me. That pit literally chewed through the wood fence and charged across the yard to get at my puppy. I was running in circles around a big tree trying to keep my puppy safe. Quite to scene when neighbors and my family came running because of my screaming. The neighbor, who's dog it was came running and tackled her dog and held him until I got in the house. It was very scary and my puppy had a few cuts and a broken tooth, plus was terrified.

    Now that pit (name was Bandit) lived in a family home with 2 small kids, was a total sweetheart with people, but apparently didn't like my puppy. He never did anything like that before or after. Needless to say I was scared of pitties for years after until I kept meeting them and seeing how sweet they can be. Don't get me wrong, I'm still respectful of their (and any dogs) ability to hurt me if so inclined, but I am no longer scared of them. If I ever get another dog I plan on adopting a pit or a red dobie (I have a thing for them too!)
  9. ecofarm
    Any studies comparing stats of frequency and severity of dog attacks for places where they've been banned? No change, adjusting for population increase, would be a good argument against prejudice.
  10. ReverendHellh0und
    One of the issues regarding Pit Bulls is the ignorant information even people sympathetic to the breed are.

    1. "pit bull" is not a breed but an umbrella term for "the American Pit Bull Terrier", "The American Staffordshire Terrier", "the Bull Terrier", and the UK's "Staffordshire Terrier".

    2. Pit Bulls are not "large dogs", and if they weigh more than 60lbs, it's a mix breed.

    3. Dogo argenito, Presa Canario, American Bulldogs, etc are NOT Pit bulls.

    4. Pit Bulls, and all bull and terrier breeds were bred to be human friendly, and dog aggressive. When they used them to fight, the last thing you wanted in your pit bull as a handler was human aggression. the dog aggression is slowly being bred out of the breed.

    5. It is important to denote what is and what is not a pitbull when discussing as a boston terrier is more related to pitbull than the breeds I listed that are often called "large pit bulls".
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