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  1. X Factor
    X Factor
    I really like pet stories, especially rescue stories with happy endings. Currently, I just have one dog. No great epic story or anything, she came from our city shelter in Sept. 2015. She's fantastic though. Her first night home, she slept with her neck on my neck. That was a pretty sleepless night but I'm used to those and for far less fun reason, so no biggie. She's very terrier so she's stubborn as a mule and a little crazy, but she's funnier than any comedian and makes me laugh. If she's mixed with anything, I think it might be cat because she often lays on the back of my couch near my head and she'll crawl all over me when she wants my attention.

    Let's hear about your animals, what they are and how you got them.
  2. Black Dog
    Black Dog
    While I was working with E.S.D.A. Emergency Services and Disaster agency, we would get calls from the police to handle certain animal emergencies. We did patrols (unarmed) and worked with police. I was about 19 at the time. Just before I went into the Army.

    While on a Friday patrol we got a call about a turtle, yes a turtle. Richton Park Illinois, is an urban area not known for it's wildlife. Well we were thinking oh wow a turtle! How menacing. Then the dispatcher added it had bitten a ladies broomstick in half when she tried to coax it out of corner it was trapped in. So now we were laughing thinking no way. When we arrived the officer who met us said "Do you have anything to transport a large turtle in?" That is when we saw what looked to be a huge 30lb to 40lb snapping turtle. Needless to say it was trying to defend itself as best it could by snapping at anything that came close. Well we told the officer not really and he said as he went to pull his weapon "We don't have any animal control so I guess I have to put it down." I stopped him and said let me try something. I had a raincoat in the squad and used it to throw over the animal. This did help in calming it down a bit. I was able to grab it from the side where it's head could not reach me. Yes I was scared as hell as his feet were large and he was digging his claws into my hands.

    My partner got the door for me and let me sit down and closed it for me. The turtle front half was hanging out the window. It was still trying to claw me but I had a good grip and being covered by the raincoat helped. We told dispatch we had the suspect in custody and we were charging him with resisting. Sorry it was just some police humor! We then drove slowly to the nearest forest preserve as the snapping turtle did not appear injured in any way. Just before we got to the forest preserve the turtle got his revenge. He proceeded to pee all over my pants. Steve (my partner) was laughing so hard I thought he was going to lose control of the car. Anyway we got to the woods and we were able to release the big guy with no further trouble. Outside of having to change my pants, it felt good to save it and put him back where it belonged safe and sound.

    All in all it was a good day.

    Not really a pet story, but my pets are all birds, lol! Allergic to cats & dogs.
  3. X Factor
    X Factor
    Damn, BD, that was a shell of a story.
  4. Middleground
    That story was so funny, BD, I peed your pants!
  5. Risky Thicket
    Risky Thicket
    When I was a kid still living at home one of my brothers volunteered to drive to the vet and pick up the family dog after we just returned from vacation. I was outside when my brother pulled in the driveway and urgently motioned for me to come to the car. He had the family dog in the front seat and a monkey in the back seat.

    My brother asked me to go in the house and tell the old man, without alerting my mother, to come out to the car. We talked him into smoothing the way with mom for the monkey to live with us. It was a spider monkey. Cut little guy.

    My mother was a great mom. She reluctantly agreed to allow the monkey's cage to be placed in the living room though she was not happy about it. The relationship between my mother and the monkey was tenuous.

    Things eventually went to hell and we had to find a home for the monkey or help my father pay for a divorce lawyer. We opted to find the monkey a home.

    Mom had some church lady friends over to play cards one night - in the living room. The monkey, of course, was the center of attention and was the topic of conversation that night among the church ladies. The night ended early when the monkey screamed and began masturbating whenever a lady would look at him. Mom couldn't get the monkey to stop it and monkey sealed his fate that evening. I'm guessing the monkey wasn't religious.
  6. X Factor
    X Factor
    I was going to mess with BD and suggest that it wasn't actually the 30-40 lb snapping turtle that peed his pants. Seriously, though, I have a lot of respect for anyone for who takes some time to help out wildlife. I've taken 5 pigeons now to the wildlife rehabilitator. One of the last ones had been staying in a full length window sill outside our county jail. I noticed it did not leave that spot for more than a week. I almost wish I had video of me chasing the little bugger around, box in hand. I'm sure the detention staff manning that front desk were amused. Turned out it had some birdie disease. It spent 10 days in rehab (that makes it sound like it had a heroin addiction or something), recovered and was released.
  7. Black Dog
    Black Dog
    Risky, X and Middle... You guys & gals are killing me! Best group ever, lol!
  8. tres borrachos
    tres borrachos
    I love these stories! Awesome!

    Right now we have 3 of our own, and 2 fosters (dogs now). All 3 came from rescue - we have a Boxer, a terrier mix, and a Ridgeback mix. We also have 2 cats - Specklebang, named after the wonderful and sadly deceased poster, who we adopted as a senior for our youngest on Christmas, and Chuck, who my husband found meowing as a little stray kitten in Lowell, MA. Our fosters are neat as hell. One of them is a large German Shepherd type with big floppy ears and a very floppy brain. He's young. The other is a senior Beagle girl who hopefully will go to her forever home this weekend. Quite a pack!

    Here's today's funny story. The terrier and the Boxer followed me to the basement when I went into the extra fridge down there. The cats' litter boxers are there. When the Boxer dove in to get some kitty crunchies I screamed at her. She pulled her head out fast but the lid was still attached. She was running around the basement banging into things. Meanwhile the cats, who were both down there, decided they had enough and started screaming and hissing, and one of them came up behind her and went WHACK with his claws on her back leg. She yelped and was still banging her head. I was racing about trying to get the damn thing off her head. The cat scratched my leg.

    I think the terrier laughed himself into an aneurysm watching all this.
  9. Black Dog
    Black Dog
    Ahh Tres, kitty yum yum's, lmao! Great story!
  10. Gina
    Tres, we call that "kitty Roca". Or have I told that before? You have me cracking up! What a sight that must have been! LOL
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