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  • Destroy the Tea Party!

    This is for people who see the so called "Tea Party" movement for what it is: a right-wing extremist movement that threatens to sweep this country in a populist fascist state. I call on all moderates, Democrats, Republicans, and anyone with political intelligence to come forward and speak out against this hysteria!!

    Last Activity: 12-25-14 08:43 PM

    13 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Destroy the Tea Party ??
  • DP Northeast

    A group for those who reside in the Northeast part of the United States

    Category: Culture
    Last Activity: 12-05-12 12:09 PM

    7 member(s)
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • Texas, and Proud

    For the people of Texas come stay for awhile

    Category: Culture
    Last Activity: 07-04-16 08:25 AM

    16 member(s)
  • anarchist across the globe

    A group where intelligent anarchists can come to debate different forms of anarchy. The history of anarchism as well as the future of the moment. or just a place for non anarchist to learn more about it.

    Last Activity: 04-28-14 08:29 PM

    1 member(s)
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  • the American coalition

    i am starting a new group called the American coalition. basically it is an alliance between the left and right liberals and conservatives fascists and communists. the objective is to stop our infighting and cooperate to build a better America. there are two rules all political arguments must be rational and racism and prejudice is not allowed so the Klan and Nazis must get over their fear of blacks and other minority's in order to join though they are welcome.

    Category: General
    Last Activity: 01-15-14 07:01 AM

    31 member(s)
  • The Galactic Senate

    If you sense a great disturbance in the Force then Fans of Star Wars Unite! The Galactic Senate.....fighting for Galactic rights since 1977!

    Last Activity: 09-12-15 08:43 PM

    18 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Star Wars and Politics
  • Elders Scroll fan group

    From Morrowind to Cyrodiil, to the rugged mountains of Skyrim...Elder Scrolls fans rejoice!

    This group is dedicated to the RPG gaming series which has not only revolutionized fantasy gaming forever, but defined open-world gaming for our current generation of hardware and games.

    Join this group to show your undying allegiance to the undying worlds of Elder Scrolls!

    Category: Video Gaming
    Last Activity: 11-25-14 03:33 AM

    27 member(s)
  • Pro Middel East Peace

    Our Charter

    Article one

    This is for the people who support a Two state solution in the Israel-Abra conflict.

    Article two

    People who support the end of The Gaza blockade.

    Article three

    All people are welcome no matter, if they are pro Palatine, or Pro Israel. This is a place to debate about what we can do to further peace in this region.

    Article four

    This is a place too build a peaceful ground to set forth Idea on how to gain peace.

    Article five

    No Baiting, No Trolling, No Preaching ect follow the rules of the forum and keep it civil people.

    Last Activity: 08-25-14 09:57 PM

    6 member(s)
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • Antireligion

    For those atheists, agnostics, who are not just skeptical of theistic belief structures but, also, opposed to the destructive nature of organized religion itself. Theists who are overtly opposed to organized religion may likewise join (warning you may be mocked, and by maybe I mean you me).

    Last Activity: 09-03-16 12:27 AM

    43 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    A question to atheists
  • All Faiths

    A place to share our faith (and learn of others) without preaching or judgement, regardless of what faith that may be.

    Category: General
    Last Activity: 06-18-13 05:00 AM

    8 member(s)

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