1. Trippy Trekker
    Trippy Trekker
    1. Resentments mark places in our lives where we see ourselves as victims.

    2. Unrealistic expectations frequently lead to disappointment and resentment.

    3. To say YES when you mean NO tends to lead to resentment.

    4. Resentment and anger, like a strong acid, usually eats away at the vessels that carry them.

    5. Little in life consumes a person more completely than the passion of resentment.

    6. Imagine drinking poison while hoping the other person dies.

    7. Have you ever tallied time wasted to fuel resentment?

    8. Working steps tends to lead to forgiveness.

    9. Sometimes forgiveness means letting go of a harmful relationship and moving on!

    10 You can forgive without forgetting; forgiving lets go of hurt.

    11 No one finds serenity through hatred.

    12 The continual practice of gratitude can become an effective antidote for resentment.
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