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Thread: Budget deficit smashes $1 trillion mark, the highest in seven years

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    Re: Budget deficit smashes $1 trillion mark, the highest in seven years

    Quote Originally Posted by jonny5 View Post
    But Trump isnt running it up. The spending increases are primarily mandatory costs. Those were locked in partly decades ago, partly due to obamacare, and partly due to the doubling of the debt under Obama. Since taking office, discretionary spending has risen about 100bn. Mandatory spending has risen by about 200bn and interest by about 200bn. Revenue increases more than cover discretionary increases.

    And the debt rose by about 5 trillion Obamas first 4 years. Trumps at about 2.5 trillion so far. Neither are acceptable.
    PS and one more thing if Trump keeps going this way he will run it up almost as much as Obama did in his first four years and as I said Trump has what he calls a Great economy
    have a nice night

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    Re: Budget deficit smashes $1 trillion mark, the highest in seven years

    Quote Originally Posted by Tbird19482 View Post
    Go back and read your post # 1140
    YOU said Reagan ran it up 1.7 T in 8 yrs
    Bush II 4.9 T ( I don't know where you got that but he is said to have run it up 5.8T / he took over the debt was 5.8 T and when Obama took over it was 11.6 T)
    and Trump2.4T in 4 years
    now after doing some research on TARP pay back money from everything I found says the pay back money was put back into the program to be used if needed again and I have found no info that Obama used it to keep the deficit down
    so will you please show us where you got your info
    have a nice evening
    Of course you didn't find where it was put back because it wasn't but was part of the deficit for 2009. If it was put back it would have reduced the deficit, Google Tim Geithner as to what he did with TARP repayment

    You are nothing but a partisan liberal hack as you continue to believe that Obama took over the debt was 11.6 trillion, that is nowhere to be found in the Treasury data site as that is what it was Oct. 2009 showing again you have no understanding of what goes into the budget and how much Obama contributed to it

    Debt to the Penny (Daily History Search Application)

    Debt Held by the Public
    Intragovernmental Holdings
    Total Public Debt Outstanding

    Debt when Obama took office was 10.6 trillion dollars including 350 billion TARP LOANS. Bush spending authority ended in March 2009, repayment was after March

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