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Thread: 538: The GOP Tax Cuts Are Even More Unpopular Than Past Tax Hikes

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    Re: 538: The GOP Tax Cuts Are Even More Unpopular Than Past Tax Hikes

    Quote Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
    You tell me. It is you guys who seem to be having all the trouble admitting that that is your real goal here and your real objection to the tax plan.
    Fletch, if your 'robbing Peter to pay Paul' schtick bore any fruit we could sit down and have some together. However, it does not.

    Here's the concept that you have to grasp:

    Tax revenue is not a single person's. Tax revenue is everyone's money.

    When you give your tax dollars it becomes our money, it's not a 'Oh, he just wants me to pay for his food stamps because he's a lazy slob.' thing. That is an extremely narrow minded and fetid analysis. Our tax dollars go towards many, many things. Do you think one person alone could finance a $600 Billion dollar military? If you paid in your tax dollars and said, "this is my road. I may now command it." everyone would laugh themselves silly. So, you cannot view this in this granular way, you have to see the big picture. When you pay taxes it isn't your money anymore. It's ours. And no tax payer alone could finance roads, police, fire trucks. If they could, why would we even organize a government? So, if you view this in a granular way, you are open to criticism. In that you will be seen as a miser who doesn't want to pay to use the services the government has to offer. The tax cut advocates ARE the deadbeats you claim to despise, in that they want to use the roads, etc. but, not pay for them.

    Besides do you not feel a pang for liberals who have your same argument, in regards to the government using tax revenue to finance wars that liberals don't support. That's what it comes down to. You don't like that the government uses money that you put in, to finance things you don't support. It's a fair position to hold. It angers me that they use my money to finance their infinity war. And that I have no say in whether or not the DoD budget goes up another 60 billion every year.

    anyway, revenue is everyone's, and everyone's kitty just got a lot smaller with this tax bill.
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