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Thread: even Sylvester Stallone couldn't hang onto this kind of cliff

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    even Sylvester Stallone couldn't hang onto this kind of cliff

    Would someone give DD Donny a lesson in stock market 101. His government keeps inflating the stock market to make it appear that everything is going back to normalcy.
    But when he became president, its been one disaster after another. Can you please tell him, if the stock market on the other side of the world is doing "terribly bad" lol then the USA stock market will reflect that in his "realm" here in North America. They are stealing money to prop up the market to make things look like everything is A OK, lol but after you steal from the financial institutions, and go broke, then there is no money left to pay for such things as natural disasters, such as the coronavirus. He never learnt anything with his two casinos that he claimed bankruptcy for. Ohh and btw, if he closes the southern border, can you imagine what kind of damage that is going to do to everything from car parts, to food, to avocados, lol ohh wait, he doesn't eat avocados, lol. hmm so now once the pandemic starts to play out on Monday morning, you will realize exactly what kind of plan they have, nada, lol. So close the borders, limit flights coming in and out of the country, and keep yourself isolated, yup, that is a recipe for the dirty 30's all over again. There is no quick fix to it, but if you find a vaccine, and a pharmaceutical company willing to manufacture that drug, then you have it made. Note, i said if you find a pharmaceutical company to make the drug, lol, they want their money too you know, and it comes with a hefty number, i can't imagine what kind of price tag that will be, but its gonna be HUUUUUUGE, so HUUUUUUUGE its gonna make your head spin, lol Sorry folks, its the truth, its called free enterprise, and that is what is bankrupting your country, get use to it. But as of Monday, your stock market is ready to crash even more. I am not sure that Warren Buffet will be able to sleep at night, because he has lost so many Billions, lol Awe, thats too bad. I wouldn't be surprised America goes into full blown recession or more like a depression by the end of March. Please let me know of your financial and employment situation is when we get there. Its not what YOU can do for your country, but its what your country can do for you. obviously not much the way they are spending, and crashing, and YIKES, the trade deals, omg i think all of the farmers have now gone bankrupt, lol, where is the food gonna come from in 2020? China?

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    Re: even Sylvester Stallone couldn't hang onto this kind of cliff

    A good example of TDS.

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