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Which do you support:

Today it is clear we are living in a new normal. The current Senators, under the leadership of McConnell has demonstrated that one person can have a major impact on our form of government. There is no doubt that Authoritarianism is now, with no thanks to 51 Senators, a new form of governance, i.e. Trumpism.

IMO, Trumpism is akin to fascism, and a reader with an open mind and who has watched the behavior of Trump and McConnell will see much similarity to these 14 points:

14 signs of fascism - Google Search
Trump has no power. He is one man in a sea of puppets owned by the rich and powerful. It is our constitution which is our only real protection from our government. It is the continued restrictions to our rights that should be feared. We should be adding to our rights not restricting them. It is the ability of the majority to vote away the rights of the minority and the individual that is my greatest fear.