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Thread: Toothless Congrress will be irrelevant?

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    Re: Toothless Congrress will be irrelevant?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tanngrisnir View Post
    Ask and you shall receive. If this is true, it's VERY bad optics and an indication that Congress may begin to lose trust in him sooner rather than later.

    Hill staffers secretly worked on Trump's immigration order - POLITICO
    Yes...if this is true. A whole lot of "unnamed sources" in that article. Makes one wonder what is true and what is not. However, I'm not so sure this is bad optics.

    But I found this part interesting:

    "Like other congressional committees, some staff of the House Judiciary Committee were permitted to offer their policy expertise to the Trump transition team about immigration law,"
    I wonder who gave permission?

    In any case, I don't think this is quite what the OP had in mind when he was talking about "poaching". He seemed to be talking about Congressional staffers changing jobs...leaving their Congressional jobs to join Trump's administration.

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    Re: Toothless Congrress will be irrelevant?

    Quote Originally Posted by uncleray View Post
    Just my $0.02 but with the WH poaching congressional staffers
    unbeknownst to their bosses, and with EOs seemingly coming out of nowhere
    without advice from The Hill, it seems that Congress will eventually become a
    lapdog of the Executive branch. Any thoughts?
    I keep hearing that many years ago Trump decided to become a Republican because he considered the Republican Party the "dumbest group" who will readily eat every word he says truthful or not. Trump is out to destroy the judiciary, and has most Republicans in his pocket. Their motto is loyalty first to the party, not the country.

    Some people are saying the reason he so admires Putin is because he himself wants to become dictator of America. And to do that he will uplay dangers real or imagined.
    He could say something like, "I will protect you as long as you give up your rights as Americans" so say foreigners who came from countries who have dictators.
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