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Thread: Absolute Logic

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    Re: Absolute Logic

    I don't know what the OP thinks he means by "absolute logic" but he paints a false dilemma. Logic is a system by which we can evaluate the reasonableness of conclusions by evaluating the supporting evidence for those conclusions. Despite what some hard core trekkies might like to think, logic does not have anything to do with the dispensement of emotions, and "being logical" does not entail ceasing to be emotional.

    It's interestingly ironic that the scenario the OP offers actually demands an answer that illustrates his false dilemma between logic and emotion. The "correct" answer is that one must evaluate one's own emotions, and come to a prioritization. On one hand, you love your mother, you don't want her to die, you don't want to give up on her, you don't want to dishonor her even if she does die, you probably have a strong emotional aversion to cannibalism, and probably an even stronger aversion to desecrating your mother's dead body. On the other hand, you are afraid to die, you might be unwilling to let your mother's death be in vane, you might also feel convinced that your mother might actually want you to use her body to survive so you might be adverse to dishonoring her dying wish even if it's unpleasant for you. The decision you must make is an emotional one. You must choose which set of emotions to sacrifice in favor of the other set.

    In making such a decision, you're likely to use your logical fallacies. You might say to yourself "If I have to cannibalize my own mother to survive, the pain and trauma I'll forever suffer will make life itself too unbearable." If that's how you feel, then it would be illogical to proceed with such a plan.
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    Re: Absolute Logic

    Quote Originally Posted by Viktyr Korimir View Post
    Logic cannot function without premises. All premises in moral reasoning are based on emotion.
    True, but there needs to be an emotional situation (premise) where moral reasoning is needed.

    From what I can tell, I have five levels of my emotions...

    Level One. An indistinct feeling, hardly noticeable.

    Level Two. Same as level one except something gets my attention.

    Level Three. Same as level two except that I'm fully aware of the cause.

    Level Four. Same as level three except that something someone says or does puts me on the defensive.

    Level Five. Something or someone threatens to harm or kill me.

    All feedback welcomed.


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