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This is "thrown under the bus"?

Bus has only one S by the way

.I thought I'd come here and find out that...I don't know... McConnell had a fancy dinner and didn't invite Trump or something

Trump ..I am sure.. knew he couldn't change the election day.. probably having a good LOL as we speak

At all the libs making a huge deal out of this
Agree with your first sentence. To the extent there is criticism, it was Trump who lay down in front of the bus.

But is a huge deal, or would be if any other president suggested it. The deranged president acts like a dictator wannabe; his supporters pretend the mad king is ok. Just another day of the Trump administration. Nevertheless, to give him possible credit, Trump may have done this to distract from terrible economic news, and may be worthy of a “well played” compliment for doing so. We should only hope there are no countries ripe for invading as November approaches.