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Thread: Who stands to gain from Trump's election chaos?

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    Who stands to gain from Trump's election chaos?

    Trump is throwing the nation's surplus of monkey wrenches into the gears of the upcoming election, through casting doubt on mail-in/absentee ballots to blowing up the post office. The question is, who actually benefits from this?

    Works for Trump:

    1)By effectively dismantling the post office, mail-in ballots will potentially fly past the due date in multiple swing states, thereby not getting counted.
    2)An assumption (perhaps true, perhaps not) is that Republicans will account for the majority of in-person voting, thus giving the appearance that he won those states because those ballots will be counted first. Then, as the mail-in ballots slowly make up ground, Trump will predictably claim that the election was stolen (because "reasons").

    Works against Trump:

    1)Who's most likely to take Trump at his word that mail-in ballots are riddled with fraud? It ain't Democrats, that's for sure. All trump is doing is convincing his own base that a critical component of voting is compromised, and they may not use it as a result. In fact, Republicans depending on mail-in ballots are trying to reassure their base that the system is safe and reliable. In this cult-of-personality environment, Republicans trying to keep their seats are fighting an uphill battle.

    Republicans have a Donald Trump problem as they push mail voting to base

    2)65+ voters are predisposed to vote Republican. This is also the age group most at risk of dying from Covid 19. So Trump is telling the people he's depending on to give him a second term to distrust mail-in ballots and to risk death. I'm no political expert, but this seems like a dicey re-election strategy to me.

    Works for or against Trump (?):

    Creating doubt about the election process is itself a form of voter suppression, since it creates the impression that people's votes won't count anyway. It seems to me this could impact as many Republicans as Democrats.

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    Re: Who stands to gain from Trump's election chaos?

    Russia, China, Iran, North Korea...
    So nobody forgets, you're welcome!
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    Re: Who stands to gain from Trump's election chaos?

    It's well known that if Trump reads at all it's just the first sentence maybe, so everything he does is not very well informed or thought out. There may be chaos, but if you your eye on the ball it's irrelevant.
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