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Thread: Black editor leaves Alabama newspaper

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    Black editor leaves Alabama newspaper

    Weeks after taking over Alabama newspaper that called for Klan to 'ride again,' black editor steps down

    Elecia R. Dexter.

    An African-American woman who was named publisher and editor of the Alabama newspaper that recently urged the Ku Klux Klan to "night ride again" has stepped down, citing what she said was continuous and damaging interference by the paper's owner. Elecia R. Dexter, who took over the troubled Democrat-Reporter of Linden last month, told CNN Saturday that she left the weekly newspaper Monday because she could no longer work with owner and former editor and publisher Goodloe Sutton. He penned a staggering editorial with the headline "The Klan Needs to Ride Again" in the February 14 edition. Dexter said she resigned "so that her integrity and well-being can be maintained." Attempts to reach Sutton for comment were unsuccessful.
    “I would have liked it to turn out a different way, but it didn’t,” Ms. Dexter, 46, said in an interview Friday. “This is a hard one because it’s sad — so much good could have come out of this.”

    From accounts below, Mr. Sutton was altering news editions.

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    Re: Black editor leaves Alabama newspaper

    Why would she even waste her time with the newspaper?

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