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Thread: In California two proposed laws with one aim: saving civilian lives

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    In California two proposed laws with one aim: saving civilian lives

    From The Christian Science Monitor

    In California two proposed laws with one aim: saving civilian lives

    he two police officers who shot and killed Stephon Clark behind his grandmother’s home in Sacramento last March recounted their actions in interviews with police investigators later that night. Officers Terrence Mercadal and Jared Robinet described the frenzied seconds when they pursued Mr. Clark after responding to a report of a suspect breaking car windows on the city’s south side.

    As a police helicopter swirled overhead, the officers spotted him at the side of the house and ordered him to stop and show his hands. He instead slipped around the back, and as they ran after him, Mr. Mercadal reached the rear corner of the house first.

    According to interview transcripts released last week, the officer said he saw Mr. Clark in a shooting stance and “a metallic reflection or muzzle flash – something coming at me. So I – I was scared. I thought he was shooting at me.”

    He lurched back behind the corner. Moments later, as captured in police videos, he and Mr. Robinet peered around it again and opened fire. They hit Mr. Clark at least seven times. He was unarmed; they found his cellphone on the ground next to his body.

    Twenty-one seconds elapsed between when the officers first yelled at Mr. Clark and when they fired the last of 20 bullets. In that span, the father of two joined the list of unarmed black men fatally shot by police in recent years, a series of high-profile deaths that includes Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri; Corey Jones in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida; and Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota.


    Unfortunately "fair use" doesn't allow citing enough of the article to get to the meat of the matter, so you will actually have to read it.

    I expect that there will be posts from BOTH "ANTI-Gun Nuts" and "PRO-Gun Nuts" on this one, but I rather expect that the "PRO-Gun Nuts" will not actually have read and digested the article before posting.
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    Re: In California two proposed laws with one aim: saving civilian lives

    One proposal would require the more than 500 law enforcement agencies in California to strengthen internal policies for de-escalation training and limiting the use of lethal force. Another measure would tighten the state’s use-of-force guidelines and enhance the ability of prosecutors to charge officers for killing civilians.
    F$%k that. I will never vote for police funding ever again. Not until every cop in the country is fired and new cops are forced to undergo the same training and psychological screening that happens in European countries.
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