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Thread: Bill Cosby Speaks From Prison for the First Time

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    Re: Bill Cosby Speaks From Prison for the First Time

    Quote Originally Posted by Fishking View Post
    Doubling down, I see. You know what?!?!?! Jeffrey Dahmer was also a white man, and Trump is a white man, so it's obvious that this reflects on Trump as well? Why, you might ask? Well...everyone but a Trumpanzee would easily see the connection!
    I didn't say there was a connection between the two predators, only that PREDATION is where the parallel exists. I don't know where you get the white man Dhamer thing but, wow, great point...except that Cosby isn't white. Where his and Trump's venn diagrams intersect is in the area of predation on women. Hey, if you want to throw Billy boy in there too, I won't fight it. They all share that quality with different tactics, right. Cosby would drug and rape women, Trump would use his money to sexually exploit desperate girls from poor countries. Bill was just your generic, trailer park hillbilly cheater. They all found ways to follow their dicks into trouble, though...or have they? Trump seems to be rich enough to keep his misdeeds in litigation. But, no, he's clean.

    The "They do it too" defense of Trump, pointing instead at how lascivious Bill Clinton is, is an implied admission that Trump really is way over the line. It is you guys who make that comparison and I agree. Too many rich, powerful people sexually exploit the vulnerable and it's something that republican voters accept from their politicians as readily as liberals, if not more. At least liberals accept that Clinton was a predator and weighed that against his positive qualities. Clinton was also extremely intelligent and knowledgeable about history and the world itself, unlike the string of half-wits that the repubs keep supporting, with Trump being the most shockingly dumb. So dumb, in fact, that he eclipses "W", which is saying something. What separates them, as leaders, is in the real potential to affect rational and not hysterical or reckless policy. Trump brings NOTHING to the table to offer in lieu of sexual ethics. He is as stupid as he is unfaithful and narcissistic. His only real skill is selling himself to rubes.

    Lol....clown shoes of posts, I tell ya.

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    Re: Bill Cosby Speaks From Prison for the First Time

    Quote Originally Posted by Trippy Trekker View Post
    Bill Cosby Speaks From Prison for the First Time

    Honestly, I thought Cosby's money would keep him out of prison.

    He doesn't seem the least bit repentant. I don't expect that to change.

    If scandals or criminal charges force Chump out of office or pose the prospect of incarceration, I don't expect Chump to become repentant either.

    President Nixon's hatchet man, Charles Colson, prior to incarceration had a "grab 'em by the balls... and their hearts and minds will follow" philosophy. That changed in prison. He founded Colson Ministries.

    Any thoughts?
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