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Thread: Bullet points from the IG report.

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    Re: Bullet points from the IG report.

    Quote Originally Posted by iliveonramen View Post
    If Hillary would of won Congress would of spent the last two years investigating the Hillary emails. Comey knows that and acted accordingly.
    This is the part that cracks me up. We had 7 or 8 investigations into Clinton over "Benghazi" and so many Republicans could not scream loud enough about her failings as a person and how she should be in jail. And yet, somehow, most of those same people are absolutely silent about Trump...

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    Re: Bullet points from the IG report.

    Foreign actors admittedly gained access to Hillary Clinton’s emails.

    Lynch’s Staff Knew ‘Immediately’ the Tarmac Meeting Was ‘Problematic’

    Comey’s Solo Announcement Was an “Unjustified Usurpation of Authority”

    Comey May Have Violated Regulations by Doing This

    But There Were Also “Substantive Issues” With Comey’s Clearing of Hillary Clinton

    Most Rank-and-File FBI Agents Thought, “If I did this, I’d be prosecuted.”

    Wiener Investigation Case Agent Was Concerned by How Slowly the Investigation was Moving

    McCabe Emailed Comey One Day Before Clinton Probe Reopened, Comey Didn’t Remember Laptop Mention

    Comey used different standards for Clinton email probe than for Clinton Foundation or Russia investigations.

    Comey wrongly acted with the election in mind.

    One agent in the investigation felt DOJ wouldn’t prosecute no matter what was on Weiner’s laptop.

    Messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page showed the possibility of political bias influencing their work, but they denied it.

    Some of Strzok and Page’s Text Messages May Still Be Missing

    James Comey used a personal email account for government business, likely in violation of policy.

    Leaks (and gifts) galore

    Andrew McCabe didn’t have to recuse himself from Clinton-related investigations, but once he did, he violated it.

    Each one of these points is accompanied by an extensive examination w/quotes.

    To me, this is enough to warrant some grand jury testimony from certain individuals. For example, I'd like to know about communications between NYPD and DOJ/FBI. I'd like to know about communications between Weiner's attorney and NY DOJ people. In fact, nobody seems to want to talk about the thousands of emails that Weiner's attorney hand delivered to NY DOJ.

    Perhaps Huber...who has access to much more information than Horowitz has along with grand jury and prosecution powers...will be looking at this. Lest anyone think this IG report is the last's not.

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