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Thread: Rule 9. Sourced Material question

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    Rule 9. Sourced Material question

    Whats the effect of this rule towards twitter threads?

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    Re: Rule 9. Sourced Material question

    Quote Originally Posted by azgreg View Post
    Whats the effect of this rule towards twitter threads?
    This is the rule:

    9. Sourced Material - All material being posted from outside of (external material) MUST contain a link to the original source. This applies to all external material, regardless if it is copyright protected or not.
    I don't use Twitter, so all I know about it actually comes from people linking to some comment or other from it.

    Either via a secondary link, like YouTube, or someone pasting an image in the Forum.

    I don't consider it a source of anything other than some comment or opinion, although I recognize many people like to "quote" from it to make some point about the source/topic of the Tweet.

    But it seems to me that if an OP or a response is based on a Tweet, then it should be cited for members to review. Moreover, it should be done in a way that allows those of us who DON'T use Twitter access to what is being sourced.

    Now in answer to the suggestion that simply "quoting" it, as in just typing it in without a source link should be sufficient? The problem is the same as for any other unsourced citation; i.e. intentional or unintentional misrepresentation.
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    If I stop responding it doesn't mean I've conceded the point or agree with you. It only means I've made my point and I don't mind you having the last word. Please wait a few minutes before "quoting" me. I often correct errors for a minute or two after I post before the final product is ready.

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