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Thread: Coronavirus: US biological warfare against China

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    Coronavirus: US biological warfare against China

    Prior to the advent of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus, the so-called “first package” of the US-China trade agreement was thought to be a tactical move that would give China a respite. And then there is the presidential election in the USA, and it is still unknown whether Donald Trump will be able to gain a foothold in the Oval Office for a second term ... But, it seems, a malicious virus that has matured either in the stomachs of bats, or in a snake's gut, has confused all the cards to a friend Xi Jinping.

    Amid alarming reports from the Chinese province of Hubei - more than 32 thousand patients, 634 dead - copper and iron ore prices collapsed. Copper is getting cheaper for ten days in a row, iron ore futures are falling in price, prices for black gold have fallen sharply. At the same time, the Fitch rating agency cautiously reports that the spread of coronavirus will primarily have a negative impact on the economies of Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore, since in these countries the most vulnerable to epidemics are the most developed - tourism and the service sector. The statement is indisputable - everyone will get it, and yet China, presumably, is more than the others, since it is the Chinese economy that is the main consumer of both metals and energy resources, and tourism with a service sector is not the last source of replenishment of the treasury. And since the prices of these goods went down, the Chinese economy also caught the “virus”. And it is easier to negotiate with a "sick" client, which is well known even without Trump.

    It is noteworthy that 2019-nCoV got to the American technological giant Apple, whose production facilities are located just 500 kilometers from the "home" of the coronavirus - the Wuhan metropolis. And now, according to the Nikkei Asian Review, the production of popular iPhone smartphones is in jeopardy. Starbucks also found itself in a difficult situation, which, due to quarantine, had to close most of its four thousand coffee houses operating in China (by the way, this is the second largest market after the United States). But at the same time, the Americans for some reason do not look like such victims of the epidemic, especially Apple, whose leadership at the very beginning of the trade and economic confrontation with China advised to evacuate production facilities in the United States.

    Indian scientists, in particular Anand Ranganatan, a professor of genetics at JNU, Jawaharlal Nehru State University in Delhi, who studied the Chinese coronavirus, found four virus-like HIV inserts in it that are not found in any other coronavirus. Thus, scientists are hinting (with the caveat that confirmation of their data is still required) to the increased possibility that this Chinese virus was specially developed in the laboratory. []Page Not Found | bioRxiv
    “Our work highlights new aspects of the origin of the 2019n-CoV virus, which certainly requires further study,” the scientists write.
    In response, The Washington Times, citing bio-weapons analyst Dani Shoham, writes that the virus could have appeared in Wuhan in one of the laboratories associated with the secret Chinese biological weapons program.
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    - Washington Times

    The article claims that back in 2015, local television showed a report on the Wuhan Institute of Virology and its most advanced virus research laboratory in China. At the same time, it was the only place in China where you can work with deadly viruses.

    In the USA, there are also laboratories in which they "study" not only deadly viruses, but also poisons, toxins, that is, everything that can be considered biological or chemical weapons. Pentagon bio laboratories exist in 25 countries around the world. They are funded by the Military Threat Reduction Agency under a $ 2.1 billion military program. The joint biological interaction program includes laboratories located in the countries of the former Soviet Union, such as Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, as well as in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa.
    By the location of these biological laboratories, we can confidently indicate the four countries and territories against which the American biological threats are now directed, these are Russia, Iran, China and the countries of Central and West Africa.

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    Re: Coronavirus: US biological warfare against China

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