do we have any clear solution ? yes we do , we have to finish off knan Juchi project once and for all ,. do you agree?
Thereís an old saying about dealing with just about any problem, that first you have to admit that you have a problem. This is true whether youíre dealing with something minor like procrastination or a more serious issue like drug addiction. Itís also true if your problem is a nuclear-armed dictatorship that is interfering with your elections, invading neighboring countries, and assassinating people inside your borders.

It would seem impossible to ignore or downplay such a situation, but thatís exactly what Europe has done for over a decade. Vladimir Putin launched his war on the European Union and the United States long ago, calculating that conflict with the free world would help him consolidate his power in Russia. Foreign enemies are always needed for propaganda when all domestic opposition has been crushed. The West failed to recognise this until far too lateóand in some cases is still in denial."
Europe’s Putin problem | New Europe