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Thread: [W:57]Outrage as neo-Nazi elected town council leader in Germany

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    Re: [W:57]Outrage as neo-Nazi elected town council leader in Germany

    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Valley View Post
    Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish.

    Humorously, the amount of people that have replied to this thread is more than the amount of people needed to oust the Nazi scumbag.

    In fact the number of pages in this thread is almost more than the number of people needed to oust the Nazi scumbag - and it hasn't even reached double figures yet.

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    Re: [W:57]Outrage as neo-Nazi elected town council leader in Germany

    So now the question remains was this all just for show. Did Merkel's team vote this guy into office, only to grab headlines and virtue signal? Was staging a press day for kicking out the "nazi" so soon after AfD's huge gains really all this was? I wouldn't put it past the rotten bitch.

    Now, the self-righteous, self-loathing, and self-absorbed will run on here and call it a CT, and I guess technically, that could be what you call it. But as a political stunt, it is an extremely plausible CT.

    Get your party members in some "hick town" to vote in a "nazi janitor" and then let the Press go at it....All they need is one AfD to come to the "janitor's" defense and then it is off to the races.

    Every publication, broadcast, internet post would be about the AfD coming to "Nazi's" defense. Next would be bringing up some of AfD's less than reputable members, talk of how an AfD member shared a bier and brezel with a NDP member some time 20 years ago and then, BOOM! AfD = Nazi will be all you hear....
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