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Well, to follow this "digression" into European history, one of the reasons that Caesar was justifiably stabbed was for adding to the overall confusion of definition, by naming the people East of the Rhine "Germanic" (n.B. NOT "Germans"), so as to distinguish them from the "Gallic" (Gauls) West of the river.

Ever since then precision of defining has lost itself in translation into the various European languages.

Those that actually come closest to the Germanic self definition of "Deutsch" that today's people of "Deutschland" apply, being the equally "Germanic" Scandinavians with their descriptive prefix of Tysk".

The "Latins" of today hopelessly stick to totally imprecise definitions, Spanish and French actually clinging to the mistake of "Aleman" which, while describing a Germanic tribe, is about as relevant as describing the English as Saxons.

Italians, while still making the mistake of speaking of "Germania", being at least an exception in that they refer refer to "Deutsche" as "Tedesco", the next nearest thing.

And in Finland the Germans are the "Saksa" - that is: the Saxons.

To add just one more example.

And there are still more ....