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Thread: What makes a country "great" and is there a "greatest country" right now?

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    Re: What makes a country "great" and is there a "greatest country" right now?

    Quote Originally Posted by Grandpappy View Post
    Without our military, you'd be saying Hiel Hitler or worshiping the Emperor. Our strong military makes freedom possible.
    Without the joined military forces of the US, the UK and all it's colonies, Canada and Russia the powers of evil might have won.

    Also it was a strong military that made the second world war possible to begin with.
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    Re: What makes a country "great" and is there a "greatest country" right now?

    Quote Originally Posted by akyron View Post
    Their poor people are fat and have cell phones.

    I wont even go into basic history right now.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ahlevah View Post
    There hasn't been a European colonist in Africa since the 1970s. Most of Africa's problems can be traced to tribal warfare, cronyism, and endemic corruption. The shores of Lake Geneva were (are?) lined with chalets owned by former African politicians--a sort of reverse colonization.

    UBS Buys Former Mobutu Swiss Mansion

    'Abacha loot': Switzerland to return $320m to Nigeria
    Quote Originally Posted by Ahlevah View Post
    One of the most endowed countries on the planet with natural wealth--the Democratic Republic of the Congo--is also one of the poorest, unless you were president or a friend or relative of his:

    This is corruption on a grand scale--billions or even tens of billions of dollars--and no matter how hard a leftist tries to twist it, it can't be blamed on Western imperialists. It's poor governance, plainly and simply.
    Please just stop with the ignorance. I'm used to it from TAAC but you are posting rubbish on a discussion thread where real discussion had been taking place. Like your colleague, a set of history lessons is in order before you post further.

    Start with - who put those corrupt leaders in place? Who assassinated promising African leaders like Lumumba and had secret agents operating against freedom forces in Africa? What role did South Africa have in intentionally destabilising neighbours so that her own black population wouldn't feel like they could see a future for themselves? What role do American companies play in getting those vast resources out of Congo (for one) so that American companies can have raw materials for computer components at super-cheap prices?

    Don't ask me for links - on this thread, I expected educated comments and you are clearly lacking educating yourself on this subject. Please do some basic research or expect ignorant statements to be ignored.
    Quote Originally Posted by chuckiechan View Post
    Really? Wanna know how they wash their babies in Africa? They spray them with breast milk and let the goats lick them clean.
    Quote Originally Posted by trixare4kids View Post
    I'd have MORE respect for Starbucks if they would just own up to their own policy of booting non-paying black customers

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