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Even after all this time, they're no closer to grasping the voters' priorities. To the Establishment, the idea that someone might be motivated by concerns other than money, is a concept they're simply incapable of processing. It just doesn't occur to them. It cannot, because that's all they're about. That's their lens on the world. Money money money.

They don't get that the majority of the public are willing to take the hit, since the alternative is acquiescence in the face of cultural suicide. It just may be that, for some, history, cultural legacy, tradition, identity and way of life are of ever so slightly greater importance than the ruling elite's bank balance.

If economic hardship lies down the road, then so be it. There was life before the EU. I'm pretty sure a stable, First World country won't become Mozambique in the blink of an eye.
Yes, there is nothing not worth suffering for ethnic purity. Just ask the 20th century Germans