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Great posts, and YES this absolutely needs to be said. In the USA, media are now regularly promoting the aberrant sexualization of children, yet when one takes a closer look, it's uncannily targeted at boys. Our media vomits out story after story detailing the importance of boys as young as 7 becoming transgender, and they heap attention and applause at boys who've not even matured past puberty being paraded around as sexualized GIRLS.

This is the absolute gutter for American journalism, how can it possibly sink any lower?

This very young boy was made to dress up in drag by his parents, and perform at a gay male nightclub in NYC for tips. His parents said they were unemployed, and were raising donations on GoFundMe to further their son's gay dance career. Wtf is this?

NBC Promotes 11-Year-Old 'Drag Kid' Who Performed At Adult Gay Bar | Daily Wire

It's the same in Europe. Transvestite agenda and sexualisation of children. Very sick indeed. It's very difficult to believe that this kind of stuff is actually going on, but it is. Just unbelievably creepy and awful stuff. On childrens tv they encourage children to explore their homosexuality and now they want to bring this devestating stuff into the schools as well.

What can I say? God save us from this absolute garbage.