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Thread: Should Spain Forcefully Supress the Catalan Independence Referendum?

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    Re: Should Spain Forcefully Supress the Catalan Independence Referendum?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wessexman View Post
    The turnout was 42%, presumably of those on the electoral roll, and I believe the number given was 2.3 million. Anyway, the percentages are what matter for our purposes, hence why I used 2 million for simplicity. Certainly, the overall 4 million would be only around 80% turnout, but, again I was just trying to make things simple to illustrate the statisticall point, and thought that 80% is actually a very good turnout.
    Personally i would put more stock in the election results then in the results of the referéndum (s) given that the elections

    (A) were not held under such chaotic conditions

    (B) were not boycotted by either side

    (C) Followed due process and had proper international observers.

    Given that the last elections (which were described by the Artur Mas as a De Facto referéndum) ended up with pro-indepence parties having a majority of seats but a (slim) minority of votes I dont think it can really be argued that a mandate for independence exists.
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