More Real Data Totally Contradict Fake MediaÖ Show Scandinavia, Ireland NOT WARMING Over Past Decades

By P Gosselin on 27. November 2019
By Kirye

and Pierre Gosselin
Global warming alarmists like to tell us the planet is warming faster and faster.
Yet, when we look objectively at the untampered data, we see this is not the case at all at many locations. Today we look at the (untampered) data from the Japan Meteorology Agency (JMA) for some stations across northern Europe for the month of October.
According to global warming believers, winter is supposed to be coming later, and spring arriving earlier. So looking at the season transition month of October is interesting.

At the JMA we find seven stations in Ireland that have October data going back sufficiently to 1994:

Data source: JMA
As the chart above shows, 6 of 7 stations in Ireland show October temperatures have a COOLING trend since 1994. How can winter be possibly coming later?
Next we have October data from the Scandinavian country of Finland, near the Arctic, where itís supposedly warming rapidly and a it is the climate canary in a coal mine.

Data source: JMA
In Finland we have data from 6 stations, and they clearly show that there has not been any real warming at all over the past quarter century.
Isnít it puzzling that we continue to hear reports from alarmists from every direction that the warming is speeding up? It stinks like some cynical Communist-grade propaganda, doesnít it?

With all the fakes news weíve been witnessing lately, nothing should surprise us anymore. We certainly need to be careful when it comes to believing these now infamously dubious media sources.
Next we move on to Scandinavian Norway, which is situated next to the North Atlantic, and so there oceanic cycles would have a truly profound effect.

(Note: I didnít include stations which donít have the data from 20 century.) Data source: JMA
Lo and behold: Six of 11 stations in Norway show October temperatures have had no warming trend since 1999.

And not surprisingly, the story is the same in Sweden.
Here the 6 stations with sufficient JMA data were examined, and here as well thereís been no real warming to speak of since 1995.

Data source: JMA here.
Four of the 6 stations in Sweden show October temperatures have had no warming trend since 1995.
Whereís the climate emergency that hysterical alarmists are pushing to declare? There hasnít been any since the IPCC issued itís 2nd assessment report Ė a quarter of a century ago! . . .