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Thread: Fast charge car batteries!

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    Re: Fast charge car batteries!

    Quote Originally Posted by longview View Post
    In some ways, 75 Kwh of energy in the form of electricity in 10 minuets, is a steep hill to climb.
    That is like 480 volts at 937 amps, A single flaw could cause a deadly arc flash.
    This would not be like a gasoline fire, the damage would be done in less than a millisecond.
    That's the point I'm making. Current USA code for mitigating arc flash dangers is a maximum of 125 KVA. Your numbers put it at 449.76 KVA. Over three times the legal limit, without wearing more serious protective attire.

    It's more like a stick or two of dynamite, as the damage continues for a few seconds.

    Look up how many joules of energy a stick of dynamite has some time. It's roughly a megajoule.
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