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You have it wrong, this concept is forcing belief into a science classroom passed off as equal.
No, what we are talking about is not teaching a concept, but enforcing a worldview. Teachers should do the former, and not the latter. If the curriculum is to learn the theory of evolution, students can be required to learn and demonstrate the ability to describe it without being forced to affirm they believe it.

Using the example I brought to bear earlier: teachers in high school social studies should be able to cover down on the Founder's integration of Locke's claim that individuals recieve their rights directly from God, and be able to test students on whether or not they understand that idea and the implications that have flown from it, without demanding the student affirm the existence of a Creator who imbues individual human beings with inalienable rights.

Among other things (students shouldn't be punished for wearing a shirt with a religious message, or punished for praying before school starts, etc.), this bill seems to be clarifying this, which is good.