My takeaway from listening to MGTOW, MRA, Red Pill, etc. sources is to look at the circumstances of the men involved in isolation. That means distilling out the casualty that happened from the perceptions and reactions. Those who are not interested in these risks and how to mitigate them say things like "these incels deserve everything that's coming to them". Studying these risks and their solutions seems almost taboo.

While I focus on men's risks, those of INDIVIDUALIST women also interest me. I have had women approach me in the interest of developing an action plan to their troubles. It usually involves an immigrant woman being mau-maued by an American woman. Among other problems, she is underpaid.

I'm all about developing action plans to solve problems. Don't come to me if you don't plan to do something. That something can include a job search, applying for a transfer, filing a lawsuit, criminal prosecution, a regulatory complaint, filing for divorce (I have helped both males and females file paperwork), doing an amended tax return, change your immigration status, file an insurance claim, etc. I am rather adept at knowing which forms to fill out, then figuring out how to fill them out properly. I enjoy doing it, but not for pay unless it involves statistics (such as an insurance company's rate filings).