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I’d of phrased it differently, but it’s far less an attack than stating to you the same thing I’m telling you.

Your posts aren’t counter argument. They’re ad hominem jabs. The old I can’t attack the message so I’ll take a shot at the messenger.

I’m still operating under the presumption that it’s not willful, just poorly thought out. If it was willful that would make you something of a troll.

You aren’t trolling, are you?

I mean, you are trying to have a discussion, yes? Where you say something and if someone contradicts it with facts and counterpoint you make your case in support of your conclusions. It’s only coming out, “Oh yeah, well you smell and your Mama dresses you funny.’, because you don’t know better?
They would never say "you smell funny". That would be an attack on the person. It has to be phrased "your post reads like it was written by someone whose mama smells funny." See? Clearly attacking the post, in no way disparaging the poster, which would be against the rules. (And also not at all helpful for discussion.)