To complete my performance.
What else I can write, my hobbies.

In summer I like to ride an electric bike. We have here where I live a network of very nice bike paths. Especially beautiful along the river and its tributaries. In good weather I ride at least 2 times a week, sometimes all day long (have 2 big batteries). I also like hiking, for example in the Harz Mountains.
In winter I go hiking, usually every second day. As an unemployed person you have time for it. Our cultural landscape in Westphalia also offers many possibilities.
I am also a fan of visiting historical places, museums and cities - tours.
As a rule, in spring and autumn I always go to the Baltic Sea for beach walks.

I am also a fan of classical music. For example J.S.Bach, Heinrich Schütz, Georg Philipp Telemann and similar composers. I listen to modern music very little, I also like to read books. I also repair my old car myself.

At least I have the intention to find a part-time job, but not more than 60 hours / month. This year because of Corona probably not, maybe next year.

From my attitude to life I am a minimalist. So a person who limits his material goods to the necessary.

So not a person who collects consumer garbage, works a lot for it and still is unhappy.

In summary, in German one says: Lebenskünster = Artist of life