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Thread: Is displaying the Declaration of Independence in government buildings and schools unconstitutional?

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    Re: Is displaying the Declaration of Independence in government buildings and schools unconstitution

    Quote Originally Posted by OpportunityCost View Post
    I have not insulted you at all. The common denominator is not the documents but the author. You have tried this argument before, its a failure.
    Learn the difference: The Declaration of Independence is the nations birth announcement. It served its purpose on one day in 1776 and then was forgotten and served no real function once it was read. The Constitution is the official document that establishes the government of the United States and continues to live and function every day since it has been written.
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    Re: Is displaying the Declaration of Independence in government buildings and schools unconstitution

    Quote Originally Posted by joko104 View Post
    "[FONT="]We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..."

    And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor."

    The Declaration of independence declares that humans were "created" and states a reliance on "divine Providence." Isn't that a violation of the separation of church and state?
    Divine Providence was/is the key to the American success story. America was formed as a creative pioneering place, composed of people pursuing individual happiness via freedoms and liberties. Even with everyone going in different directions, with no dream off the table, the collective does not break down into anarchy. The reason has to do with a common belief in a higher power. If there is something larger than yourself, within each person, this creates more self control and a higher sense of tolerance. Jesus said love your neighbor. This goes a long way toward diffusing anarchy in an open society where everyone is doing their own thing.

    A good example is the Second Amendment. Guns in the hands of millions of citizens, each pursuing their own choices and pursuit of happiness would appear to be a power keg, in terms of potential social anarchy. However, since most of those who own guns, also own bibles, a peaceful balance results, instead of the expected anarchy.

    The left who hates guns, also tries to undermine religion. They sense the powder keg affect from excessive gun ownership, while trying to create a social situation that is unable to relate to divine self control. The default becomes Big Government control and loss of freedoms to avoid anarchy.

    I remember going to a graduation for a friend and the commencement speaker was an economist. In his speech he told a story about his travels to other countries, and how his fellow economists in these countries were amazed how America was so diversified in terms of pursuit of happiness and freedom, yet was it able maintain internal stability and high economic performance. The other countries are afraid to try this creative anarchy approach, but prefer to dumb it down with big Government regulations. But in doing so, they fall short in terms of the creative results, found in America.

    Another analogy is nature, which works by the principles of natural selection. Each critter is trying to survive and optimize itself. One might expect an unstable situation in nature due to the survival of the fittest. Yet the result is highly integrated eco-systems, that are often very healthy; paradox. Animals have instincts for individual needs and drives, but they also control themselves with another level of instinct, which allows all the pieces of the ecosystem to mesh. America formed by using faith in God, as the glue that can hold together a creative anarchy of humans pursuing freedoms and happiness. Separation of Church and State is there mostly to allow choice in terms of how one finds their own internal divine glue. One size will not fit all.

    As the Democrat party undermines religion and faith, with frivolous law suits and philosophical arguments, they also feel the need to move toward Socialism and more Big Brother control. The loss of religious faith decreases the internal self constraint of Divine Providence within the culture. Anarchy then becomes closer to reality. The next defensive step is big government to prevent anarchy. This results in a loss of freedom and creativity for the sake of the collective. America then looses its edge.
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