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Thread: America's Racial Contract is Killing Us

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    America's Racial Contract is Killing Us

    America's Racial Contract Is Showing - The Atlantic

    To see the sequence of events that led to Arbery’s death as benign requires a cascade of assumptions. One must assume that two men arming themselves and chasing down a stranger running through their neighborhood is a normal occurrence. One must assume that the two armed white men had a right to self-defense, and that the black man suddenly confronted by armed strangers did not. One must assume that state laws are meant to justify an encounter in which two people can decide of their own volition to chase, confront, and kill a person they’ve never met.

    But Barnhill’s leniency is selective—as The Appeal’s Josie Duffy Rice notes, Barnhill attempted to prosecute Olivia Pearson, a black woman, for helping another black voter use an electronic voting machine. A crime does not occur when white men stalk and kill a black stranger. A crime does occur when black people vote.
    Something is truly rotten in Georgia.
    “I don't take responsibility at all.” - Donald J. Trump

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    Re: America's Racial Contract is Killing Us

    "Damn cellphones!" "Son, your granddaddy used to kill a couple of N_____s every week and claim self defense."
    What we have here, is a failure to presidentiate.

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