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You left out that they are wars President Trump inherited not ones he started. But unlike Obama who said it would take a generation to defeat ISIS President Trump has done it in a year, and he did it by repealing Obama's rules of engagement.
That's bull, unsurprisingly.

It had lost 60% of its territory when he took office and was on the run from the Iraqis and Kurds on one side, Syrian bastards/Russians on the other. Meanwhile, we weren't losing troops like we did during Bush's war thanks to Obama's strategy of having us in mainly support roles. Meanwhile, civilian deaths from airstrikes were up under Trump last I checked, which isn't a good thing unless one is simply happy to see suspected muslims die.

Trump just did what he always does: show up, assess the situation, decide between claiming credit (if it is good) and casting blame (if it is bad).

Just like he did the other day by claiming credit for the lack of deaths in US commercial flights, when it's been zero since 2009 and he actually didn't do anything about airline safety. He talked about using a plan that's been in the works for years, back in June, but it didn't actually go into effect.

Same thing every time, and every time, the usual suspects will pass off whatever lie of the day Trump has recommended.