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Thread: Breaking News Guildelines [updated 10-29-09]

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    Breaking News Guildelines [updated 10-29-09]

    Here are the Rules and Guidelines to help you properly use the *Breaking News* forum:

    I - All Forum Rules apply here: DP Forum Rules (Forum Rules)

    II - All Opening Post threads posted in *BN* must have:

    • Static link to an article from a bona-fide news organization.
    • Dateline within the past 48 hours.
    • Exact same title as the cited article.
    • Quoted short excerpts from the article.
    • Your own unique content to spur discussion.

    III - The following types of articles may not be posted in the *BN* forum:

    • Articles that meet the above standards, but contain overly partisan commentary and/or are otherwise clearly biased.
    • Editorials and Op/Ed pieces.

    IV - Definition of each type of *Breaking News*:

    • *BN* - Mainstream Media: A news service whose primary means of distribution is print, broadcast, or wire services. Local newspapers forced to switch to a digital format may aslo be placed here as well as AP stories reposted to the web free of additional commentary.
    Examples Include: CNN, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press

    • *BN* - Non-MSM: A news service whose primary means of distribution is the internet or is found in a section of a MSM news service labeled as "Blogs".
    Examples Include: The Drudge Report, Huffington Post, ABC News Blog, YouTube

    V - R.I.P. Tag rules
    • As per this announcement, threads marked with the R.I.P. Tag are for respectful remembrance of the dead and should be approached with the same etiquette one would show at a funeral.
    • Users may make a standard thread with the same story as used in the R.I.P. thread, and vise versa.

    If you see a thread in BN that you believe does not meet these requirements, please use the "Report Post" feature to alert the Moderation Team. The Debate Politics staff reserves the right to move any thread that is considered in violation of the *Breaking News* Rules and Guidelines or is mis-filed.

    * This is not the place to discuss the Israel/Palestine situation. Israel and Palestine are in the Middle East and there is a specific forum for this discussion. Any mention of the Israel/Palestine conflict in any of the Breaking News Forums will result in a B/F/T infraction. This new rule is firm and there will be no "wiggle room" in terms of the I/P conflict being discussed in any forum other than the ME Forum.

    Edit Log:
    10/29/12 - Added "Static" to the link which means links never change. Links to a news page that changes often are unwelcome.
    04/06/13 - Added I/P notation
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