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Well, Russia did interfere in the election.
And the Obama Admin investigated whether the Trump campaign and then the Trump Transition was conspiring with that effort.

If we wish to argue whether the Trump folks would have been eager to pick up the "goodies" Russia dropped during their interference, ok. But then we have to consider this:
1. The Trump campaign picked up NO 'goodies" from Russia.
2. The Clinton campaign sought out "goodies" from Russia.
3. The Clinton campaign took "goodies" from Russia.
4. The Obama Admin took those "goodies" from Russia and used in court as evidence against an American AND used it as evidence in its Intelligence report as to what Russia was up to.
5. Mr. Schiff used these goodies from Russia and entered it in to the Congressional Record.

In other words, it would seem the Trump campaign was far more hesitant to pick up and use Russian "goodies" than were the Clinton campaign and Obama Admin and the (then) minority members of Congress.
Game, Set, Match.