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Well, all he has to do is point towards conservative history. Try as you people may, the neo-Nazis and White Supremacists don't come out of the liberal camp and they certainly weren't cheering for Clinton in 2016. But who were they cheering for? - The non-black guy without the vagina. And what did the average conservative do? Shrug and look for reasons to hate ANTIFA instead. Trump's greatest contribution to the American society has been to force conservatives to reveal themselves more honestly.

And when it comes to the historical political flip between the Democratic South and Republican South, the one thing that has always been constant was conservative minds to first cling to slavery and then create Jim Crow.

- KKK? Conservatives.

- Historical anti-immigration? Conservatives.

- Neo-Nazis? Conservatives.

- Fear of Muslims? Conservatives.

- Shoving Jesus into government? Conservatives.

- Anti-gay marriage? Conservatives.

- Kneeling in the NFL? Not Americans protesting police brutality, but blacks who hate America.

- New virus? Forget Coronavirus and COVID-19, "Chinese" virus.

Color, religion, and homosexuality is clearly an immediate consideration for the average conservative who needs the world to reflect only his shallow world-view and personal beliefs. Anything outside of that bubble is foreign, alien, unexplainable, and a threat. From here, conservatives try to paint the other side as the racists?! It's not hard at all to clearly show where general racism and bigotry find most of its comfort. But this is where FOX News and its radical personalities provide their perversions of truth.
To reinforce your point, this poignant and perhaps most powerful scene from a film about reality:

The Trump American 21st Century Reality.

It shall be arrested.