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Woah down there, I'm not sure where you're getting your information, but those were real Boy Scout leaders. They were authorized as such by BSA.

CharisRose, you didn't answer my earlier question:

Are you surprised so many American women support Trump, who bragged about sexually assaulting women?
If, those men molested Boy Scouts they were sexual predators. They were/are sneaky liars who pretended to be Real Scout Leaders.

Real Scout Leaders are men who do not molest Boy Scouts.

Authorization by BSA doesn’t change the fact that they were sexual preachers abusing an organization that was designed to benefit the lives of Boy Scouts.

A Real Scout Leader does not destroy any Boy Scouts lives by secretly abusing them without any witnesses to save them from their abuse.

I read the transcript> Trump did not say he sexually assaulted women.

You are taking what he actually said out of context in order to ask me that question which I ignored.

Go read the transcript and provide the section that proves he bragged that he sexually assaulted women.

TIA Roseann