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Who did Trump kill and not notify the authorities so he could sober up.
That brings up a good point. See, what I don't like about the Trumps and Kennedys of the world is that they get away easy on everything. Trump has ruined many lives. How many people have gone bankrupt because of his actions? Kennedy did receive a prison sentence due to the manslaughter incident, although it was far too short. Trump probably hasn't directly killed anybody, but he has:
- maintained ties, directly and with a middle man, to the mafia since the 70s
- caused countless people to go bankrupt in what are essentially "the producer" schemes
- discriminated against black Americans in the 70s (housing) and in Vegas
- sued every person who ever did anything that upset him, using the old tactic where you drag litigation on so long that you destroy the other individual, causing more bankruptcies
- been accused of sexual assault and marital rape, but of course he's never had to face the music because he uses his lawyers to crush the charges
- used incredibly unethical and possibly illegal tactics to keep his casinos afloat
- violated antitrust laws
- sells his name to condominiums that are second rate to trick people into buying them. That's disgusting and should definitely be illegal.
- refused to pay workers he had a contract with, which is illegal
- The Trump Organization's antics, the undocumented immigrants he did business with, Trump University, should I go on?

Trump might have killed somebody. I wouldn't put it past him, but I'd say it's about 40/60 and Trump would never directly kill somebody, although I think he certainly would be willing to pay to have it done. So no, he didn't commit manslaughter while intoxicated, but he violates every rules, sues every person, and destroys the life of anybody who bothers him. Ted and Trump were/are scumbags who get away with whatever they want because they have power and money. You could say they are "the elites." Right?