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  1. Whataboutism: Why do Democrats fear history?

    When that term comes up in a debate it is virtually always from Leftists.

    What is it with you people?

    Why do you seek to ignore history?

    Why are you afraid of context? Is it because your consistent inconsistency makes a mockery of your blatherings?

    Why do you want to deny past experience from trouncing your lame arguments?

    How do you expect to learn if you ignore the lessons of history?
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  2. Trump dominates & exposes Pelosi & Schumer

    The following will make an excellent political ad.

    That televised meeting was awesome... as Trump cornered Chuck & Nancy.

    Trump revealed Democrats do not want The Wall built at any cost.

    Trump revealed he will force the Leftists hands... with a shutdown... and Democrats will lose this one too... miserably.

    For the wigged-out Leftists... ROTFLOL... let’s remind you... THIS is the issue which catapulted him to the ...
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  3. Helping the Dimwitted Ocasio Cortez

    She is so incompetent, she cannot even figure out how one can rent an apartment.

    Here... let me assist the dimwit Congresswoman:

    A) She has a job, making $174,000.

    B) Her Westchester County yap has been in the press for months.

    Here is what you do Frau Cortez:

    1. Telephone a bunch of people renting.

    2. Tell them who you are.

    3. Tell them your projected income. If they do not believe you, tell them to check ...

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  4. On The Kanye

    Quote Originally Posted by poweRob View Post
    Okay trumpettes... you rolled out your love for this crazy guy. Now he's not supporting trump anymore and you've gone dead silent. Bring your hate. It's what you guys do.

    And just like that, Kanye West appears to be over politics

    The rapper and designer on Tuesday said on Twitter that he plans on "distancing" himself from politics, alleging he's being "used to spread messages I don't believe in."

    "I am distancing myself
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  5. Summarizing the Kavanaugh/Ford Hearing

    What came out is:

    1. Ford lied about her flying story.

    2. She has zero corroborating witnesses.

    3. She does not know how she got there or how she got home.

    4. Her best friend denied the story. Does not know Kavanaugh.

    5. She did not tell anyone about her story until more than 3-decades later.

    She has no witnesses, and no corroboraters. Zero. None.
    She lied about her flying bugaboo.

    6. ...
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