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Whataboutism: Why do Democrats fear history?

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When that term comes up in a debate it is virtually always from Leftists.

What is it with you people?

Why do you seek to ignore history?

Why are you afraid of context? Is it because your consistent inconsistency makes a mockery of your blatherings?

Why do you want to deny past experience from trouncing your lame arguments?

How do you expect to learn if you ignore the lessons of history?

Why do you want to remain mentally infantile, which is what happens when you ignore history and fail to heed her lessons?

Whataboutism is a great thing. It should be encouraged and embraced, not **** on.

But I understand why Leftists hate whataboutism... it’s impossible to defend your dishonest, perverted, harmful, dangerous... history.
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  1. RabidAlpaca's Avatar
    That's a really strange way of defending your tendency to shout "BUT... BUT... HILLARY!!!" every time your boy does something deceitful, illegal or unbecoming of the office of the President. There's nothing wrong calling out your inability to stay on topic or actually defend the stupid **** that comes out of Trump's mouth.


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