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Roseanne vs. Keith Ellison, Obama, Wright & Farrakhan

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Roseanne made an indefensible comment. She has paid the price. Not just by having her show cancelled, but marring her character permanently.

We have the Deputy Chair of the DNC, Keith Ellison who is associated with Louis Farrakhan, and lied about ending his relationship with the racist, bigot Farrakhan.

This is Democrat Party leadership we are talking about.

Where is the outrage here?

Where are the Democrats on this? Where is the media on this (Democrats... media... same,same)?

So... to repeat the question... we know what should and did happen with Roseanne... Now... what should happen to Keith Ellison?

It’s too late to really do what should have been done with Obama... though we know he was deeply influenced by his mentor, a Shadow of Farrakhan who preached racist and bigoted poison from the “pulpit” ... and who celebrated Farrakhan by giving him a Lifetime Achievment Award.

That’s the Democrat Party. Elevating, even celebrating those who associate with Bigots and Racists.

Roseanne... a thespian who ****ed herself with indefensible comments.

If only Democrats treated their racists, bigots and those who associate with and are mentored by them... as they treat Roseanne.

We’d be far better off as a country.

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