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Why Americans Love Trump

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From a thread post, responding to a Never Trumper... and one Iíd say has contracted a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome... itís worthy of a blog post because it explains in plain English why Trump got elected, and why heís Loved by millions.

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People Love Trump because he is the one we have been waiting for.

A pro-American who puts his citizens first.

A pro-American who wants to stop this illegal immigration nonsense dead... as promised in 1985 or 86.

A pro-American who knows the government is ****ing itís citizens in the ass with over-regulation and high taxes.

A pro-American who is not fearful of identifying terror threats and protecting us against them. His sworn constitutional duty.

Yep... we Love Trump. He promised a ****-load... and he is following though. Domestically and internationally.

His message is so clear, even Democrats can understand it.

And... for decades Americans have claimed to want a straight talking leader. We got one. Itís wonderful.

We also got a guy who is business literate and has traveled the world making deals. Canít say that about the race-baiting dimwit who preceded him.

You bet we love Trump... but if he starts acting like some Leftist... that love will end. He knows it. But why should he pull a Bush41 and try to please the nation wreckers on the Left? He wonít.

Now... I certainly will not agree with everything he does (signing the ****ing awful spending bill is one example), but... so long as he keeps plugging along fulfilling most of his promises (and he has)... He will easily be the best president in my lifetime... and I loved Reagan.

Now, if you cannot stand his ďstyleĒ... too ****ing bad.

Grow the **** up.

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  2. FreedomFromAll's Avatar
    His citizens? Do you mean to say that Trump is biased towards his supporters?

    Straight talking? Trump lies so much that who really can take him seriously?
  3. fishnthec's Avatar
    I've always enjoyed watching a Clown Circus!

    Now that's entertainment!:applaud


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