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Wooden Shoes and Monkey Wrenches

Warning! Cognitive Dissonance Zone. Subjects Discussed Here May Cause Actual Discomfort!

I have decided to start this blog to discuss the subject of Public Relations/Propaganda methods and techniques as they apply to our National Discourse.

This subject matter is often confusing and disruptive in discussion threads, but I feel it is extremely important for our society to consider the ramifications of the use of these tools. To understand not just how opinions are swayed, but the extent to which these practices touch on virtually every issue we consider. The potency these techniques have acquired due to recent technical advances pushes them far beyond the power the average person is aware of.

I will try to be as objective and non-partisan as reasonable, but I do intend to enforce a discussion rule employed by some friends of mine. It's based on a quote that I just had, but can't find at the moment.
Paraphrased it goes like this: "No one is allowed to challenge another's position until he can restate it to their satisfaction".

I would appreciate it if anyone commenting here would attempt to abide by this rule. I am tired of spending ridiculous amounts of time being derided for something I'm not even saying. I don't expect namby-pamby nice-nice. Just be able to say something to the effect that "So what you're saying is ...., right?" in such a way that someone can say "Yes." or "No, more like ... ."

Then actual conversation can occur.

Make no mistake, I have no interest in proving anyone wrong. I'm not trying to trick anyone into believing anything.

I want to show people how anyone can be tricked into believing things.

I want us to stop arguing with each other about what we've been led to believe and start discussing the serious crap that confronts us.

As knowledgeable Americans advancing our own self interests.

As it should be.

  1. First Lexicon Entry: the verb "to Gribble"

    by , 04-04-11 at 07:26 AM (Wooden Shoes and Monkey Wrenches)
    Words have become so loaded from their use in the "framing" of "messages" that simply using the words themselves often results in a total cognitive shutdown by the hearer. This actually reinforces their beliefs, regardless of the content of the argument containing the loaded words.

    Therefore, I feel it is appropriate to coin new terms where this phenomenon interferes with rational discussion.

    This is the first of several such coinages.
  2. Air Security

    by , 04-04-11 at 06:51 AM (Wooden Shoes and Monkey Wrenches)
    I have always felt the proper response to the 9/11 hijackings seemed pretty simple.

    Armor and lock the cabin door so the cockpit can't be taken.

    Add a layer or two of Kevlar fabric to the flotation seats, turning them into quite effective knife shields that should provide some protection from firearms.

    Then let those who are apparently present in most random groups of Americans do the rest.

    And if I'm not mistaken there are systems where ...
    The Way I See It...