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Will Pope Francis ever be held accountable?

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Here are the fundamental facts of the story:
1) Cardinal Theodore McCarrick sexually assaulted multiple children.
2) The previous Pope, Benedict, placed sanctions on McCarrick limiting his movement and activities.
3) Disregarding this, Pope Francis but McCarrick back into the general populace.
4) This was all brought to light by former Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano - in 2018. A year later in 2019, Theodore McCarrick the pedophile, was dismissed from the clergy.

Keep in mind that Pope Francis could have dismissed McCarrick in the past but chose not to. And in February of 2018 following the allegations coming out, he called the victims "wild dogs" who worked for "The Great Accuser" (Satan), and said the victims acted in bad faith "without good will", calling for his fellow catholics to "silence" to avoid "scandalizing the bishops".

Will Pope Francis ever be held accountable for his actions? Why have the media been so soft on Pope Francis?
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